Education & Training

Education & Training

The world of computer programs has grown more complex and there are nearly infinite ways to use their features to improve and optimize your business, if only you had the time and resources to implement the software and bring your team up to speed.  Now you do!  

From evaluating your business processes and identifying opportunities to improve them with technology through training your team to be power users our technology implementation & education modules empower your business to be more successful.    

  • Customized for Your Business's Schedule
  • Can be Completed on Premises or via Group Web Sessions
  • Include One on One Support for Questions and Challenges
  • You Own All Module Materials 
  • Modules Created and Presented by College Level Adjunct Instructor
  • Discounts for Multiple Modules
Modules We Have Presented to Our Clients:
  • Basic Excel
  • Advanced Excel
  • Basic Microsoft Office
  • Advance Microsoft Office
  • Internal Cyber Security
  • New York State Department of Financial Service Cyber Security Compliance
  • Basic Gmail
  • Advanced Gmail
  • Dozens of Other Subjects
If your business or its team members are struggling with software adoption, or if your business process could be optimized if the right technology could be implemented we would LOVE to help.  

Sound interesting?  Let's start a conversation about your business's technology success.  Use the form to the right or contact us via any of the information found here.

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Training & Education Benefits

Fast, Friendly Support

We LOVE to help!  From One on One questions to overall group support, you are never alone.

Flexible Presentation

Modules can be presented in person or via the web.  You choose what works best for your business.

Customized Modules

You select the subject, we design a customized course that fits your business.

Experienced Presenter

Your Module will be prepared and delivered by an experienced college level technology educator.
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